About Witt

Witt A/S was founded in 1993, when the ’man behind’ decided to use his last name as the new company’s name and to use a spare room in his home as sales office.

Imports of white goods started the whole thing, and sales and distribution took place through white goods- and kitchen shops.

Since this humble start Witt A/S has been enlarged through various agencies from all over the world, and in the past nearly 15 years the company has expanded vigorously. Today Witt A/S is selling products coming from 11 different countries. The products are still being sold to the largest white goods- and kitchen shops but nowadays not only in Denmark, but all over Scandinavia. We have got our own service department and workshop, where we test and repair MDA as well as SDA products. We have established a collaboration with a network of service centers,covering all Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Our aim is to be ahead of development and all the time new ideas are coming up. Consequently our programme today also includes a series of furniture, mobile grill units and health care products.

We have got 21,600 sq ft of loghouses at our disposal. The houses comprise administration, demo-kitchens, conference rooms, development department and storage rooms.In 2006 we had a storage building restored which gives us 19,400 sq ft of storage facilities + 7,600 sq ft of workshop.The company employs 93 enthusiastic people who are always doing their ultimate in delivering and servicing at a very high level.

In 2012 Witt opened the gate to two new markets: England and Ireland when we started distribution of iRobot in these markets. It is a great privilege to enter into England and Ireland and we are looking forward to repeating the Scandinavian success story with iRobot.