Our dream: to make authentic Italian gelato at home – wherever and whenever you want

The feeling of freshly made smooth, creamy, and delicious gelato – nothing compares really. That is why we wanted to give you the opportunity to make it at home.

TooA have worked hard to develop this revolutionary technology. Once completed they found the best natural ingredients for recipes. And just like that, TooA came to life. Now you can make silky-smooth Italian gelato at the touch of a button and enjoy the velvety feeling and amazing taste whenever and wherever you want.

To make sure that TooA is 100 % good, they have made unique gelato packs which does not need planet-harming refrigeration. Meaning that not only does the authentic Italian gelato taste wonderful, but you can also enjoy it with a good conscience knowing that TooA is environmentally friendly.

Witt A/S is the official distributor of TooA in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK and Ireland.

Latest press releases from TooA

11 January 2023

En ny, revolutionerende måde at spise is på

Is er altid godt, men FRISKLAVET IS er … uimodståeligt! Den italienske is har altid været i en liga for sig. Med den revolutionerende ismaskine fra italienske TooA kan du nu tilberede ægte italiensk gelato portionsvis. Altid frisklavet. Uden tilsætni ... Read more