Witt is investing in better sleep!

Witt has invested in Membantu, which is the first company in the Nordic region to introduce the cradle motor – a helping smart tech hand that improves the sleep of babies (and thereby the sleep of the whole family).

The familiar struggle to sleep and the founders behind Membantu
Witt has stepped into the struggle to ensure a good sleep and the vision is clear: in the future, parents should be offered a range of tools to help their newest family members sleep soundly and safely without the mother having to rock the baby to sleep or the father having to drive up and down the street in an attempt to get the baby to fall asleep strapped into the booster seat…

We have all heard the stories and many of us have experienced for ourselves when babies just cannot fall asleep – while you are on the verge of collapsing from fatigue and dealing with all of the practical things that you are constantly struggling to get done. This is the challenge that the two women who have founded Membantu have decided to address, and this is an idea that they did not simply come up with out of the blue.

Engineer Eva Jacobsen and designer Stephanie Meilsøe have four children between them, including a pair of twins and one with reflux. Both experienced a longing for an extra pair of hands while their children were very young, and this need for assistance led them to discover the cradle motor which they found out had existed for decades in other countries.

The motivation behind Membantu thus came from a strong personal need (sleep), and the founders are passionate about sharing their own positive experiences with the cradle engine with other parents and families around the world!

A strong resource for all modern families
The cradle motor is the first product in a range of sleep-improvement products from Membantu and this positive message needs to be spread. In a partnership with Membantu, Witt wants to bring the product into the homes of individual families so that the offer of a better sleep reaches those who will not only find it relevant - but perhaps even urgent - in a busy everyday routine where an additional hour that is freed up to play with the big brother or sister of the baby, do some laundry, prepare dinner or just to lie on the couch and catch your breath is more than just slightly welcome.
The goal is to create a global brand where the baby and child product industry is better able to take advantage of the many opportunities in modern technology and where tech solutions become far more of a commonly used resource for families with children. We imagine that the cradle motor can end up being just as indispensable in a home as, for example, the popular baby alarms are today for many people.

Safety and aesthetically pleasing smart tech
Our product development takes place in a collaboration with parents and relevant professionals to ensure that our products are guaranteed to meet the domestic needs of parents. In addition, our smart tech products need to be able to become part of the home as beautiful stylish designs.

We are the perfect match – even if we say so ourselves
We have different strengths and are therefore bringing various things to the table that we believe will together amount to the perfect know-how cocktail. Membantu knows what is going on in terms of product awareness, design development and shapes. Witt, first and foremost, has extensive experience working with sales and distribution and we can ensure that products are available around the world. 

We are extremely motivated and have sky high ambitions. We believe that we are at the start of something new and exciting, where the journey starts with us – but ends in thousands of different homes around the world. The growth journey has begun, and the course is set towards ensuring a good sleep. We think that is a beautiful destination!

For more information, please contact: 

Sales and distribution                                             
Peter Balle
[email protected] 

Eva Jacobsen
[email protected]

Stephanie Meilsøe
[email protected]


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