Strong knowhow - Quality products

Witt A/S develop and sell unique, innovative and in-demand brand products for customers throughout the Nordic region, UK, Ireland and The Benelux countries. We sell and provide for all price segments and are frontrunners in the industry in regards to development of innovative products with high specifications.

About Witt

Witt A/S was registered in 1993, when the founder, decided to use his last name as the company name. He also decided that the spare room in his home, should function as a sales office in the future.

The company started selling white goods appliances in Denmark, but has, over time, developed into a distributor of products within a wide range of product categories from brands around the world.

The products are still being sold to the largest home appliance- and kitchen stores and is no longer limited to only Denmark. Over time, the distribution has expanded to the entire Nordic region, UK, Ireland and from 2020 also The Benelux countries. We have more than139 enthusiastic and skilled employees who service our customers at a high professional level.

We are proud to have gathered the entire foundation of the company set-up inhouse.

Design, quality & innovation

Witt A/S is made for people who wants a product where functionality, quality and design are the main priorities. We strive to keep us updated on current trends and to always be one step ahead when it comes to purchasing and developing innovative products.

— Allan Witt, CEO & founder

Everything is inhouse

At Witt A/S we have a solid foundation, where all essential functions and competencies are found inhouse.
It enable us to quickly embrace new brands and products and as well as to adapt to the requirements specific to these.

Sales training 

We educate and train the kitchen- and white goods salesmen all over Denmark in our extensive product range - just as we provide hands-on experiences in our demo kitchen and approximately 2600 square feet showroom.


Our internal marketing department are experts in the production of graphic materials such as brochures, exhibition stands and sales materials as well as everything within online marketing.


Our service department assist customers whit technical support and spare parts and in our 800 m2 warehouse and workshop the service staff make repairs.


We have 9500 m2 of modern warehousing and logistic facilities, which ensure a good warehouse status and fast delivery of all our products.


Our skilled craftsmen build everything from eye-catching shop displays to impressive trade fair stands and custom designed showroom furniture that presents our brands and products in the best way possible.


In our showroom you will find all our brands and we ensure you get an exclusive presentation of every single product. The areas are spacious with a perfect overview. With a luxurious and elegant interior, an optimal experience of the products is ensured.

Prizes and credit rating

Succesvirksomhed 2021
Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.

The creditworthiness is based on data from the Danish Business Authority and the Customs registry. All information is based on a set of rules and presented in the form of rating that ranges from AAA (as the best) to C (the worst). Witt A/S has been awarded the prestigious Gazelle for four years in a row, which is only awarded to companies that have had growth for at least four consecutive financial years and which have thereby doubled sales during this times period. In 2012, only 50 out of 830 selected companies could name them selves “Gazelles” for three consecutive years or more. On average, around 65% will only be awarded the Gazelle-price once.