Focused on better sleep

Membantu is focused on helping babies and families get more sleep, because sleep is incredibly important for the little ones. Getting all the sleep that is needed is critical for a baby’s normal growth and development, as it is during sleep that, among other things, the brain processes sensory impressions.

However, many babies have various challenges that may affect their sleep, and this may result in them not getting enough of it.

Most babies love to sleep in a sling cradle. The sling cradle wraps around the baby and makes them feel safe. The swaying motions remind them of being in their mother’s womb and therefore calms them down. Many will therefore find that their baby will fall asleep easier when they are rocked in the sling cradle.

Witt A/S is official distributor of Membantu.

Latest press releases from Membantu

08 September 2022

Witt is investing in better sleep!

Witt has invested in Membantu, which is the first company in the Nordic region to introduce the cradle motor – a helping smart tech hand that improves the sleep of babies (and thereby the sleep of the whole family). Read more