A powerful product for the price-concious consumer

Ecotronic has been a highly popular household appliance brand in Scandinavia ever since the late 90s. Here are products for the price-concious consumer – with a focus on simplicity, stylish design, and ease of operation. “Simple Living” without ever compromising the high expectations of the modern consumer.  

Ecotronic is distributed and marketed in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.




Ecotronic EO451S

Ecotronic EO601B

Ecotronic EO601S



Ecotronic EBU601L2

Ecotronic EBU601W2

Ecotronic EBUC501W2

Ecotronic EBUC509MB

Ecotronic EBUC509W

Ecotronic EBUC609W

Ecotronic EBUF530L2

Ecotronic EPH 601 W2 Loftemhætte

Ecotronic EPH601S2

Ecotronic EPH601W

Ecotronic EPH609B

Ecotronic EPH609S

Ecotronic EPH609W

Ecotronic EPOC608S2