Unsolicited Applications

Do you have industrial know-how or relevant academic skills that we can use in a healthy and forward-thinking company? Send us a motivated application and enclose relevant attachments, where you describe how YOU can make a difference for WITT.

As we recieve many unsolicited applications, we kindly ask that you describe in detail, which business unit in the company you are applying for. Once you have submitted your application, we will contact you if we find your competencies relevant for an available job opening.

We will keep your application for six months, before deleting it. For further queries and information, you are welcome to contact us on [email protected]

Send an unsolicited application

Why Witt?

Witt A/S develop and sell unique, innovative and in-demand major domestic appliances as well as small appliances for customers throughout the Nordic region. We sell products in both high and low price segments and are industry leaders in the development of innovative products with demanding technical specifications.


enthusiastic employees

We have 167 enthusiastic and skilled employees who sell and service our customers at a very high level. We are proud to be able to gather the entire foundation of the company set-up in-house.


years of experience

Witt A/S was registered in 1993, when the founder decided to go solo and began using a spare room in his home as a sales office."


different countries

Today Witt A/S is selling products originating from 15 different countries. The products are still being sold to the largest white goods- and kitchen shops in the Nordic region, UK, Ireland and The Benelux Union.