Witt WIS41HP-1

Product number.: 06424300

Freedom to design your own hob. With WIS41HP-1 you decide where the zones are mounted in your workbench.

  • Multizones with individual positioning of the cooking zones
  • 4 zones, 2 x Ø16 / 1 x Ø20cm, max effect 7.4kW
  • Control panel with slider (20x13cm)
  • Booster on all 4 zones
  • Automatic cooking sensor: 70°C
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EAN 5707582914156

More Information

Multizone hob – flexible zone placement – for optimum work area. The zones are equipped with 100cm cables and the control panel with a 70cm cable. Note: The cables cannot be extended, which means the zones must be placed within a 100cm range from the connection box and the control panel within a 70cm range. *Zone placement: Zone flexibility, MultiZones are designed for optimum flexibility. It is YOUR choice whether you prefer a solution with the two large zones at the front or the back, or whether you want a solution with alternating large and small zones. You can also choose to place the zones traditionally or next to each other – however please note following distance requirements: min. 40mm between the zones, and min. 50mm between the zones and the back wall, the sides, and the front of the workbench. *Installation: Once you have chosen the desired design, cutouts must be made in the workbench according to the measurements. Note: the furniture or element in which the MultiZones are to be installed, as well as the cutouts, laminated workbench and the glue used, must be moisture- and heat-resistant and able to withstand temperatures up to 100 °C. *Important: Information on cutout dimensions (see technical specifications), material selection, etc. must be approved by your workbench supplier, who must guarantee the product being suitable for the chosen solution.

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