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Witt A/S develops unique, innovative and sought after white goods, and small appliances in the high and low price segments,  and are branch leader within development of innovative products facing high demands.



Specialty tea company

We are passionate about blending ancient Far-Eastern traditions with Scandinavian minimalism and design. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to create a harmonious fusion of flavors that would inspire the senses and elevate the tea-drinking experience.


Natural, intelligent and portable

VBreathe utilizes a natural and effective combination technology which makes it the world’s best within the range of portable air and surface detoxifiers. 



HYGGE! Is about warmth, comfort and quality time – it’s about all of the feelings a great cup of cocoa or chai latte evoke. This tasty series from HYGGE! has organic chai latte and cocoa products with exciting combinations of flavours.


Give the dust hell

ROIDMI is a testament to the latest technology in cordless vacuuming. User friendly efficient absorbency and stylish design. A design for which ROIMI has won many global design awards.



A powerful product for the price-concious consumer.

Ecotronic is a popular household brand with focus on simplicity, stylish design, and ease of operation. “Simple Living” without compromises. 

YBell Fitness

Award-winning deign YBell Fitness

The YBell has been carefully designed by experts in fitness and industrial design to make it easy and accessible. It has been designed and redesigned to get it right.

The world’s premier, multi award-winning, 4-in-1 fitness tool for studio, club, personal, group & outdoor training

Witt by Livall

Smart and safe urban cycle helmet

Witt by Livall urban cycle helmet is a multifunctional lightweight helmet that combines both safety and connectivity.


Focused on better sleep

Membantu is focused on helping babies and families get more sleep, because sleep is incredibly important for the little ones. Getting all the sleep that is needed is critical for a baby’s normal growth and development, as it is during sleep that, among other things, the brain processes sensory impressions.

by KlipKlap

Furniture that stimulate the motor development of children

by KlipKlap creates furniture and accessories that stimulate the motor development of children, just as they invite to play and presence between children and their parents.


Intelligent and cordless pool robots from Aiper

Aiper is a leading manufacturer of advanced robotic pool cleaners dedicated to delivering outstanding quality and innovation to pool enthusiasts worldwide. With a passion for technological advancement and customer satisfaction, Aiper has established itself as a reliable partner in pool care.


High-quality functional training products

TRX is the world's leading brand in high-quality functional training products. In addition to delivering premium equipment, they also provide and develop programming and education. Today, TRX is a well-known brand worldwide, used by commercial fitness providers, athletes, military personnel, healthcare professionals, and private users.

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We represent and distribute some of the best international brands, and collaborate with the largest dealers throughout the Nordic region, the UK, Ireland and the Benelux countries.

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At Witt A/S we develop and sell unique, innovative and in-demand brand products for customers throughout the Nordic region, UK, Ireland and The Benelux countries

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