The era of waiting is over… Witt pizza oven with a rotating stone and double burner keeps the heat going and bakes pizza after pizza in no time!

Now there is a new ground-breaking product on the market for all of us pizza lovers! Witt has created its very own series of pizza ovens which include features such as a rotating pizza stone and a double burner. We call our new series ETNA, and we guarantee crispiness – all the way around!

There are certainly many of us who enjoy getting together and making a great, crispy and piping hot homemade pizza, and we love this divine food from Italy so much that we tend to not mind the waiting time when everyone needs to bake their pizzas. However, now there is a new and superior player on the field when it comes to the art of preparing the perfect pizza – lightning fast!

With its masculine expression, pizza ovens from Witt ETNA are made to last for years and years and to make countless pizzas. You will get a stationary pizza oven in good solid materials that radiates robustness and quality. This pizza oven with double insulation is designed to be environmentally friendly and energy saving. The double insulation also helps to maintain the extremely high temperatures and makes it quick to heat up – and it uses less gas as well. It is lightning fast at baking your pizza at 500 degrees Celsius and is designed to distribute the heat completely evenly inside the oven. This is the secret behind the crispy result.

Witt has made two pizza ovens for the ETNA series: Rotante and Fermo.

Witt Rotante 
The pizza oven’s U-burner ensures that the heat is distributed evenly, unlike with a traditional L-shaped burner, which will always bake the pizza unevenly unless you are constantly rotating it when it is in the oven.

Witt Rotante also stands out from many other pizza ovens by being equipped with a rotating pizza stone where you just have to push a single button to get the rotation started. You therefore do not have to remove the pizza from the oven to turn it and the rotation ensures that the pizza is baked evenly across its entire area. The result? A uniformly baked pizza where you do not have to fight for the best slices!

On top of this, Witt Rotante also has a booster burner that is placed under the pizza stone and this results in an even distribution of heat to the stone – meaning no ‘cold areas’. Even more importantly, the booster keeps the stone warm so that you can quickly bake all of the pizzas you want without having to wait for the temperature to rise again after each pizza. It is easy, fast and delicious. That is what the ETNA series is all about, as delicious tastes and design all come together in a crispy result!
Witt Fermo
Like the Rotante, this pizza oven is equipped with a U-burner to ensure an even distribution of heat.
Witt Fermo has an integrated pizza stone and you only need to turn rotate your pizza once, as the U-burner will ensure an even distribution of heat to the whole pizza.

We are sure that we can impress even the most critical pizza lover with our new pizza ovens from Witt, but by all means, put this to the test yourself and invite your family and friends to enjoy some homemade pizza that you can enjoy right away!

Mmm… ETNA.

Suggested retail price:  

Rotante: GBP 699,-
Fermo: GBP 579,-

Available: Summer 2022 



Note: We are launching the Witt pizza ovens at Spoga 2022, which takes place in Cologne from 19-21 June. Find our stand (Hall 7.1, Stand F-030) and experience it live.

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