Witt Varimixer TEDDY is a strong, professional 5-litre mixer for small daily tasks in the bakery, kitchen or laboratory. Smart Danish design with a focus on ergonomics, hygiene and easy cleaning, and the quality to handle hard work, year after year.

Witt Varimixer TEDDY is low-noise, with the same kind of sounds of quality we associate with an expensive car, where the motor purrs and the doors shut with conviction. It makes the right sounds when you turn up the speed, and when you press the click-lock to tilt back the mixer head.

TEDDY is solid gear, designed to handle many years of hard work. It has a powerful, specially designed motor, which unlike most other small mixers is also capable of mixing heavy and difficult ingredients at very low speeds.

TEDDY is made of precision cast aluminium, with no external screws or openings. All edges and corners are rounded, making it easy to clean the mixer with a cloth.

TEDDY comes with a 5-litre stainless steel mixing bowl with a lid, a wire whip made of 2.5 mm wire, a beater and a specially designed hook which ensures dough is kneaded and turned to perfection. All accessories are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher-safe. The machine is also available in white with an attachment drive for mounting a stainless steel meat mincer.

The speed can be infinitely adjusted using the machine’s single control knob. The knob passes through the unit, so TEDDY can be operated from both sides, using either hand. This makes it easy to locate the mixer in confined spaces, such as against a wall. A wide footprint and suction cups ensure the mixer is stable during operation, and the bowl is held effectively in place during operation by a single lever.

Simple, first time placement – perfect results

In 1915, a young Danish mechanic named Palle Hoff Wodschow founded the business that would go on to become world renowned for being ‘Strong as a Bear’. The focus then was on mixers for professional users, and it is still the same today. Mixers embodying the strength and expertise that result from this specialisation. The bear continues to be used as the trade mark and symbol for over 100 years of Danish craftsmanship, quality and ground-breaking design and function.

Witt Hvidevarer A/S has entered into an agreement with Varimixer regarding the production and sales rights of Varimixer TEDDY 5L, which in the future will also be launched in new colors and with a new surface structure under the name: Witt Varimixer TEDDY.