Witt is investing in quality time and stylish designs

In our accelerating society, spending quality time with each other has become harder and harder to fit into our schedules but spending quality time with each other is a foundation of well-being, particularly for children. Witt has decided to invest in the Danish company ‘by KlipKlap’ which creates furniture that stimulates the motor skills of children and also encourages children and adults to play and spend quality time together.

Digital distractions, a faster tempo and too lofty ambitions are barriers to immersion and parents and children spending quality time together. by KlipKlap produces furniture that encourages play and interactions between children and adults. The philosophy behind this is that furniture items will last longer when they encourage a multi-functional way of life, and Witt shares that philosophy. In fact, it is shared so much that Witt, a distribution company, has chosen to invest in by KlipKlap.

”The brand and products are a perfect match for the philosophy we work by,” says Investment Director Kasper Witt. “It is an original and stylish design that is also of an extremely high quality and very durable.”

A multi-functional adventure

The company ‘by KlipKlap’ was founded back in 2011 with a vision of designing functional furniture and accessories for the home in durable materials with a stylish expression. The adventure began when a Danish mother tried in vain to find a comfortable mat that her young son could tumble around on. Finally, she decided to design her own tumbling mattress which, beyond solving the problem, also worked as a perfect tool to stimulate her son’s motor skills and simultaneously created a strong connection between them.

The mattress became so popular among friends and family that she soon began making more prototypes of the design. She quickly discovered the great potential of this versatile piece of furniture and it was to become the beginning of by KlipKlap. Today, the original design has grown into an entire series of products, and for many Danes, by KlipKlap has become an icon of multi-functional furniture.

A perfect match

This Danish mother above is called Pia Dam Lauritsen and she is the founder of by KlipKlap. Concerning the partnership with Witt, she says: “We really want even more people around the world to benefit and take joy from by KlipKlap, and here Witt can help with their extensive experience with sales and distribution.”

“Our different strengths represent the perfect know-how match. by KlipKlap really knows what is going on with product knowledge, design development and shaping, and then we handle the distribution part. The partnership should also ideally secure resources for the development of the product range with new high-quality products in the by KlipKlap universe,” Kasper Witt explains.

Witt and by KlipKlap are looking forward to bringing more quality time and stylish designs into more homes around the world – a design that is contemporary and in tune with life’s needs. Consumers are not just investing in functional and beautiful furniture when they buy by KlipKlap products, there are also investing in happy moments and memories that will last for a lifetime.

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